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Registration of Program/Activity

The Program/Activity Sponsor must register the University-Sponsored program or activity at least 60 calendar days in advance of the first day of the event. Programs/Activities involving minors must be registered/renewed annually.

To register a Program/Activity, the Sponsor must complete the Online Application for Programs/Activities Involving Minors.

Sponsors are required to address the following topics in the planning of registered programs:

  • Background checks of authorized adult staff
  • Crime Reporting Training for authorized adult staff
  • Supervision ratios
  • Safety and security planning
  • Risk management protocols

Supervision Ratios

Illinois State University recommends the following adult/child supervision ratios
Age Group Day Participants Ratio Overnight Participants Ratio
4 to 5 year-old 1:6 1:5
6 to 8 year-old 1:8 1:6
9 to 14 year-old 1:10 1:8
15 to 17 year-old 1:12 1:10

Please contact University Risk Management for assistance. We are here to help all Program/Activity event sponsors comply with the Protection of Minors Policy.

University Risk Management
Phone: (309) 438-1900