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Accident Reporting

Vehicle Accident Reporting

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident while driving a University vehicle, please contact the local police department where the incident occurred. A copy of the police report and a completed SR-1 Form will need to be submitted to or to University Risk Management, Campus Box 1270, Normal, IL 61790-1270. All accident reports must be submitted within 3 days of the vehicle accident.

Contact Information - Fleet Services

  • Facilities Office: Mon-Fri 7:30 am – 5:00 pm. (309) 438-5611
  • After hours, weekends, and holidays: ISUPD (309) 438-8631 (They will contact someone to help you.)

Vehicle Damage

  • If the vehicle incurs any damage please notify local police (where the damage occurred) and complete a police report. This includes damage done by vandalism, people, other autos or structures, including if there is no visible damage. There are no commercial insurance or registration papers in the vehicles.
  • The vehicles are self-insured by the state. There is a laminated card in the glove compartments to help explain this to the officer. If necessary, there is a blank accident form in the glove compartment.
  • Please contact our office as soon as possible to report the damage. Please return the police report to Facilities Management. It is your responsibility to obtain, complete, and return the accident report form to our office.

Emergency Repairs

  • If there is an emergency repair, you must call the Fleet Office (309) 438-2038 during office hours and (309) 438-8631 after hours for authorization PRIOR to repairing the problem. If you do not call you may be liable for the cost of this repair. The Wright Express card will be used as payment for the repair.

Non-Employee Injury Accident Reporting

Visitors, students and/or volunteers who are injured on the Illinois State University campus will be asked to complete a Non-Employee Accident Report. This method allows the completing individual to fill in and submit all information related to the injury incident online.

As an alternative, the PDF version of this report form can be found under the Forms tab on this website. Completed reports are to be emailed to or mailed to University Risk Management, Campus Box 1270, Normal, IL 61790-1270. The Risk Management Office will investigate accidents if deemed necessary.

Loss or Damaged University Property Reporting

Any university employees can report stolen, lost, or damaged university-owned property to University Risk Management. Timely reporting and attached documents help with the recovery and reimbursement process, and it is preferred that supporting documents and claim reports be emailed to University Risk Management. These documents may include estimates of damage, photos, inventory reports, invoices for repairs or replacements, and proof of payment. Please download the form and send the report to University Risk Management, Campus Box 1270 or email report and documents to