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Insurance Coverages

The University can be exposed to risk when using contractors, consultants, service providers, and/or vendors to provide goods or services or when outside organizations and individuals use University premises and/or facilities.

The University requires contractors, consultants, service providers, and/or vendors doing business with the University, as well as outside organizations and individuals using University premises and/or facilities, to maintain liability and other insurance as necessary to reasonably protect the University's financial interests, and in amounts deemed adequate by the University. The University may also be exposed to risk when units fail to follow University policies and procedures with respect to entering into contracts, leases, or other types of agreements, on behalf of the University.

Contracts are to be signed only by those with delegated contract signature authority (formally delegated by the University President).

Further, all contracts are to be reviewed by Purchasing prior to signature.


Property Coverage

The University purchases commercial property insurance for its buildings (including boiler and machinery) as well as some of its contents. The insurance is provided under a master property policy, which is subject to a deductible. Insured values are reviewed annually with the insurance carriers, and the buildings are insured up to the level of replacement cost. The University places its insurance coverage with commercial insurance carriers who have strong financial ratings given by one or more financial rating companies such as A.M Best Company, Standard and Poor's, or Moody's Investors Service.

Personal Property

Individuals who choose to bring personal property onto University premises should contact their insurance agent to be certain their property is properly insured. It may be desirable for personal property brought onto University premises to carry a sticker that is prominently displayed and identifies the owner. The University assumes no responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage to an individual's personal property brought onto the University premises, or University-leased premises, even if the property is brought to the University to be used in connection with their work.

Liability Coverage

The University purchases commercial Excess General Liability and Educator's Legal Liability Insurance with coverage limits in excess of $2,000,000 with a Self-Insured Retention (SIR). The Excess General Liability Insurance provides coverage for personal/advertising injury, employee benefits liability, incidental medical malpractice liability, foreign study programs, sexual abuse/molestation, etc. The Educator's Legal Liability provides coverage for Trustee Directors and Officers, errors and omissions, failure to educate, discrimination, personal injury, wrongful employment practices, etc.

Automobile Liability

University Owned Vehicles

The State of Illinois provides Auto Liability limits of up to $2,000,000 per occurrence for automobile liability incurred with operating a vehicle in accordance with State of Illinois Central Management Services guidelines. (Reference Policy 5.4.2 Automobile Insurance) The State of Illinois coverage is primary (pays first) for any owned or leased automobile; the State of Illinois coverage is in excess of any other available coverage for non-owned vehicles. The University maintains commercial insurance on a limited number of vehicles. This commercial coverage is maintained for University-approved auto usage that is beyond the scope allowed by the State of Illinois Auto Liability Plan.

Employees who use their own personal vehicles for business use must understand that their personal auto insurance would be primary/pay first for all related auto claims.

All other information for University vehicles can be found on the Office of Parking and Transportation site.

Car Rental Information

  • Information on the use of rental vehicles can be found here.
  • Additional information on renting a vehicle can be found on the Travel site.

Crime Insurance (Employee Dishonesty)

The University purchases commercial insurance to protect against financial loss resulting from employee dishonesty. This insurance is sometimes referred to as crime insurance. The University retains a high deductible per loss. The deductible is charged to the unit sustaining the loss.

Other Coverages

The University and State of Illinois provide several group policies for Faculty and Staff who qualify, such as:

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Dental
  • Hospital-Medical-Surgical (several plans)
  • Life (Term policies - several plans)
  • Salary annuity option (tax-sheltered annuities - several plans)

Contact Human Resources at (309) 438-8311 or visit the Campus Benefit Center for information regarding any of the faculty and staff group insurance plans.

Insurance for Special Events, Student Groups and other insurance needs

Mercer (a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies) offers various forms of coverage to students and student groups, alumni, faculty, staff, and retirees for campus related insurance needs through the "Campus Connexions" program. Some of the coverages include: Liability insurance for special events, travel/study abroad, tuition refund insurance, laptop and renters insurance, and many more. To learn more about Mercer and the products offered, you can visit their website. The direct link to their special event liability insurance quote system is here.

Similarly, URMIA TULIP offers various forms of coverage to students, student groups and other parties with campus-related insurance needs. To learn more about URMIA TULIP and the products offered, you can visit their website and use the "Quick Quote" tab.

Student Health Insurance

The University provides a group policy (Hospital-Medical-Surgical) to students. Contact the Student Insurance Division of Student Health Services for information.

Workers Compensation

As required by law, the University provides Workers Compensation coverage via the State of Illinois Workers Compensation Plan. For information, or to file a claim, contact the campus Workers Compensation Office, 202 Nelson Smith Building at (309) 438-2007.

Unemployment Compensation

As provided by law, the University provides Unemployment Compensation for those employees who qualify.

Certificates of Insurance

A variety of situations exist when a unit may be asked to provide evidence that the University and/or University employees are insured. Units that are asked to provide evidence of the University's liability should contact University Risk Management at (309) 438-1900.