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Domestic Travel Notification

All domestic University-sponsored travel must be submitted on the University-sponsored Travel Notification.

Domestic Travel

Car Rentals

Items to Note:

  • Rental cars are reimbursable if they are necessary to conduct business and are approved by the department.
  • Maximum size of rental is mid-size/intermediate. If a larger size is needed, a detailed explanation needs to be included.
  • Optional insurance (Damage Waiver, Liability), Fuel Service Option, GPS, etc. are not reimbursable travel expenses.

Enterprise and National Car Rental

It is recommended that non-University-owned rental vehicles be rented through the use of our institutional contract with Enterprise and National car rental firms. They now have one combined portal for renting a vehicle using the University's contract.

Make a reservation

Join the Emerald Club to receive express service. As a member of the Emerald Club you can use the "one click" reservations system.

When you are renting for business use only, there are no additional costs for the following coverages. If you are renting for personal use, the following coverages can be purchased through National and Enterprise at your own expense. The costs of these coverages are not reimbursable travel expenses:

  • Collision Damage Waiver or Loss Damage Waiver (coverage for damage to the rental vehicle).
  • Auto Liability (limits of $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident for Bodily Injury; $50,000 limit for Property Damage)

The contract provides reduced daily rental rates to many vehicle renters associated with the University, including for:

  • Business Use: Employees, Contractors, Consultants, Guest Speakers, Job Candidates, Unpaid Visiting Scholars. Students on University business with written authorization from the University.
  • Personal (non-Business) Use: Employees, immediate family members of employees (residing in same household), Students age 21 and older, Alumni Organizations, Student Organizations or Clubs, Intramural Organizations or Clubs, Retirees.

It is strongly recommended that all renters maintain personal auto insurance, especially adequate liability coverage, regardless of whether or not your status with the University makes you eligible for the coverage included in the University contract with Enterprise and National. Depending on your University status and purpose of rental, your personal auto insurance could be the sole source of liability coverage for accidents for which you are at fault, or could be needed as excess coverage beyond the limited liability coverage provided under the contract.

Get more information on the Comptroller's Travel website